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September 2012  ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?

The demand for Kewley to appear in short films continues, with almost every free day in August and into September spent either shooting in studios or on location.

One of those locations was the old Carlton Police Station lock up [pictured], shooting the thriller FUN for director Mirek Aldridge and writer Darrell Pitt on September 1st and 2nd.

Other films shot at the end of August and into early September include the family drama SERVES FOUR for writer/director Lachlan Gregory and producer Edwin Street; the studio-shot drama THE PRACTITIONER  (in which Kewley plays title character) for writer/directior Matt O’Mara; and THE LIBRARY MUSEUM for director Ezra Lamour-Reid.

Kewley also shot the pilot episode for a television comedy series titled STAFFROOM.

He plays the School Principal in the pilot, which was written and directed by Tim Driver for Driving Monks Productions.





Friday August 25th saw the first publicity event and trailer launch for the up-coming feature film MONSTER PIES.

Set in Melbourne’s western suburbs during the mid 1990s, MONSTER PIES tells the story of teenage boy Mike, alienated and alone for as long as he can remember, until new boy William arrives at his school, awakening feelings and a world of possibilities he’d never before dared to dream of.

Written and Directed by Lee Galea (“Less Adolescent”)the film stars Lucas Linehan (as William) and Tristan Barr (as Mike), and features Kewley as Patrick, Mike’s father.

Currently in negotiations for distribution, there has been much interest in the film from a number of film festivals, in the US in particular.




August 2012  NON STOP SHORTS

August continues to be a busy time for shooting short films, with Kewley slated to perform a range of characters in 8 different films during the month.

Over the nights of August 19th and 20th he played divorce lawyer Nelson Howard in TIES.

Shot on the RED camera in an office overlooking the twinkling lights of the city, the film co-stars Scott Neil. The cat-and-mouse style film noir was written by Maximo Rondos and directed by Liam Gordes for Not Half Bad Productions.

And on Tuesday August 21st Kewley appeared in his seemingly annual “zombie film” … the post-apocalyptic DOCTORS.

Shot on 16mm for the Victorian College of the Arts, it was written and directed by Tom Seah.

DOCTORS also stars Tom McCathie, Joshua Dean Williams, Scott Reid (again!) and young Christopher Coutts (pictured with Kewley). 

This brings the number of short films that Kewley has shot over the last few months to 21 … with another 11 to follow over before the end of October 2012!




August 2012  TOY

On Sunday August 10th Kewley shot the film TOY for Christos Argiropoulos.

Kewley plays a sensitive and understanding shopkeeper who empathises with the lead character, a down-on-his-luck young man (played beautifully by Jack Walsh) when he finds a rare toy that resonates with his troubled past.

In particular, the final, emotional scene, is very touching and was a joy and a pleasure to shoot.

The short film was shot for RMIT.




On Monday August 6th Kewley hosted another FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS evening.

This is the fifth season of A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS play readings held at TheatreWorks in St Kilda, and this one featured two pieces –  THE PICK UP written and directed by Sean McIntyre, and read by Christopher Barry, Elliot Cyngler and Alex McArthur, and MICHAEL & PAUL written by Sean McIntyre, directed by Marco Romero Rodriguez and read by James Rosier and Sean McIntyre.

Both plays were narrated by Nadia Andary.

After each reading, Kewley runs a short Q&A forum allowing the audience to participate by giving feedback directly to the performers, writers and directors. More at:

And on Wednesday August 8th Kewley went and saw his God-Daughter Charlotte Johnston [left] perform in her school’s production of GREASE … with an all female cast! A great showcase for the students of Melbourne Girls College. Well done Charlotte!






Thanks to his popular weekly Trivia segment on 3AW (Melbourne’s #1 talkback radio station), Kewley continues to be asked to host Trivia Nights, and on Saturday August 4th he was at the St Kilda Town Hall hosting a big fundraising quiz for RECLINK AUSTRALIA .

Booked through Scott Kennedy from SoundStorm Entertainment, and with assistance on the night from his old mate Adam Waycott, Kewley was able to keep the capacity crowd entertained  and amused … and raise a lot of money for all the good work that Reclink does throughout the community.

This follows hot on the heels of the Trivia Challenge Kewley ran the week before (on July 28th) at the St Johns Primary School in Frankston. Next will be the annual Trivia Challenge at the East Brighton Football Club on August 18th – the fourth year in a row that he has written and hosted the night for the East Brighton “Vampires”, and Silverton Primary School in Noble Park on Saturday August 25th.   



On Friday August 3rd, Kewley was back with The House Of Burlesque hosting their spectacular Roaring Twenties show TEASE.

Held at the Royal Melbourne Hotel (formerly Melbourne’s Bourke Street West Police Station),  TEASE featured songs, music, dances and burlesque acts from the 1920s – the Jazz Age – including classic routines to the sounds of Cab Calloway, Betty Boop and Ella Fitzgerald, along with tributes to Busby Berkeley and Charlie Chaplin.

During the two and a half hour show, Kewley introduced some of Melbourne’s finest burlesque performers including The Bella Belles, all male act Boy Risqué, tap dancer Liza Valentine, aerialist Minnie Monroe, torch singer Lila Libella, The Oddities, LouLou Belle, Zelai Rose, and The Art of Tease.

The show featured a stunning finale from Melbourne’s Queen of Burlesque Minksy Malone performing her famous striptease in a giant glass of champagne!

As well as keeping the packed and enthusiastic audience entertained with humorous anecdotes about Squizzy Taylor and fascinating trivia about Prohibition and life in Australia and the United States during the Roaring Twenties, Kewley also ran a “Charleston” dance off and a “Hula Hoop” competition!



July 2012  THE GIFT

At the end of July, Kewley shot the short film THE GIFT.  

Written and directed by Paul Blanchfield from RMIT University Screen & Media, the film stars Jesse Roach, Helen McFarlane, Madison Pallota and Kewley as a family devastated by cancer.

Teenager James (Roach) is having problems dealing with the imminent death of his mother (McFarlane) to cancer.

His father Robert (Kewley) is confused by James’ apparent lack of emotion and inability to cope with the situation, and his dying mother is concerned for what will happen to James after she is gone.

THE GIFT was shot by Christos Argiropoulos.





Every July since 2005 Kewley has been the host of the annual ACCREDITED DISTRIBUTORS TRADE SHOW.

And on Friday July 27th 2012 he was there again at the massive Accredited warehouse in Dandenong where Australia’s confectionary, snack and beverage suppliers showcase their products to a wide and varied range of customers.

Owners of Milk Bars, 7 Elevens, Supermarkets and Convenience Stores from all over Victoria come to sample the latest products and get great deals from the major companies like Mars, Cadbury, Nestle, Arnott’s, Red Bull, Wrigleys and Smith’s Crisps, to smaller manufacturers like Gran’s Fudge, Montana Sweets, RealiTea, Movetime Popcorn, who display their products in booths and colourful areas.

Kewley runs competitions and activities throughout the day, giving away prizes like Sony PlayStations, Weber Barbeques, cash prizes (over $5,000 cash was handed out), a bright red ‘Cherry Ripe’ Moped, and even a brand new VW Golf car!  He also interviews visiting celebrities, which this year included AFL players Sharrod Wellingham from the Collingwood Football Club and Lindsay Gilbee from the Western Bulldogs.




For the last 18 years – since the popular show began on Channel Nine in 1994 – Kewley has been keeping the live studio audiences of THE FOOTY SHOW entertained during the show.

And in 2012 the jokes and fun continue as Kewley heads to Sound Stage 4 at the Docklands Studios in Melbourne to “warm-up” the huge weekly audience before the show goes to air, and keeps them entertained during the shows six commercials breaks over the two hours it is broadcast live-to-air on a Thursday night.




July 2012  KEWLEY goes GOLFING

On Tuesday July 3rd Kewley shot an ‘internet only’ commercial for new website GOLF4LESS.

The 60 second spot was created for Roaming Snaps Media, and produced and directed  by Aiden McDonald and David McKinnar of Walking Moustache Pictures.

Shot on location at Melbourne’s Southern Golf Course, and in Southern’s Golf Pro Shop, the commercial also features actor Aston Elliot.



July 2012  ACTORS judging ACTORS

Kewley, along with New Zealand actor Richard Edge and actor/director Helen McFarlane were the judges at Melbourne’s THEATRE SLAM on July 2nd.

Held on the first Monday of every month at The Order of Melbourne, THEATRE SLAM features a range of actors getting up on stage and either delivering a 1 minute monologue, a 3 minute monologue, or participating in a 2 minute tag-team improvisation.

Run by In Company Theatre’s Trudi Boatwright and Chris Saxon, the winners on the night were Alisha Ryan, Lyne HageleSarah Reuben and Kathryn Tohill.

Congratulations to all the competitors!



On July 1st 2012 Kewley shot the 16mm film YESTERDAY’S NEWS for Writer/Director Steven Tandy.

Produced by Siobhan Marron for Swinburne University, Kewley appears opposite young actor Darcy Muller in a drama that unfolds over one night in a lonely 24 hour service station and convenience store.

And for Open Channel, Kewley played the lead in Rob Redfern’s film GOING PUBLIC.

The mockumentary features Kewley as psychotherapist Mark Calista, the founder of ‘Open Doors’, a support group for sufferers of the rare and debilitating medical condition called Parcopresis – better known shy bowel and psychogenic faecal retention. Sufferers are unable to open their bowels unless they have a certain level of privacy.

Mark Calista’s radical – and socially confronting – approach to the problem is to encourage sufferers to leave the toilet cubicle door open whilst passing waste in public toilets, using the slogan: ‘Opening Doors One Stool at a Time’!  



On Monday June 18th Kewley returned – for the first time in 17 years – to the Global Studios in Nunawading to take up the role of Don Hennessy in NEIGHBOURS. The long-running Australian television series is now in it’s 27th year on air in Australia and the UK!

Former NEIGHBOURS star Jonathan Dutton – now one of the directors on the series – suggested Kewley to the producers for the new character in the show, and he was subsequently offered the role. (Kewley mentored Dutton as a teenager, in the early stages of his acting career, leading to Dutton’s four year stint as ‘Tad Reeves’ on the series.)

Kewley (pictured with Stefan Dennis and James Masonwill appear on air, in Australia on Channel 11 from September 2012, and in the UK on Channel 5 from October 2012.


June 2012  ANIMALS editing continues

Post production [left] continues on the independent feature film ANIMALS at Film D’Media with Director Edward Drake and Producer  Joel Mitchell.

The action/thriller stars Kewley along with Sweeney Young (“Neighbours”, “Terra Nova”), Melissa Howard (“Dead Gorgeous”, “Rush”, “Underbelly Files: Infiltration”), David Lamb (“The Bazura Project”), along with Kevin Summers (“Phoenix”, “Neighbours”), Scott Brennan (“SKIThouse”, “Comedy Inc”) and veteran Australian actor Reg Gorman.

(Kewley now has a small scar on his forehead from an injury he received when he was accidentally hit in the head by a gun during a fight scene in the film. A badge of honour perhaps?)  


June 2012  OUT & ABOUT

After 23 years of performing on stage every Friday and Saturday night at a number of Melbourne’s leading Theatre Restaurants (including Nero’s Fiddle and Hunchbax) and time touring Australia in WEST SIDE STORY, Kewley now finds ways of filling his weekend nights with other performing activities.

He spends many of Friday and Sunday nights guiding various groups on walking tours of Melbourne for LANTERN GHOST TOURS  [the pictured group are students from Camperdown College] exploring the dark laneways and history of the city, or hosting the girls-only Saturday night MANDATE shows at INFLATION NIGHTCLUB in Spencer Street, introducing the performers, getting girls up on stage, playing ‘games’ and running competitions. All part of the fun mix of life!

Our tour guide was Jeremy Kewley and within the first minute of his early Melbourne History narrative he had engaged the entire 30 people on the tour and each participant was hanging on his every word. The tour was fantastically educational and informative. Jeremy was clearly very passionate about the history surrounding the stories linked to each location along the tour and was very knowledgeable with respect to the information relevant to each event. The 6 of us that attended the tour ranged in age from 11 to 41 and the tour was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone which is saying something considering it was miserably cold and rained all night and none of us had an umbrella!  We will definitely recommend the experience to friends. – Shey, Old Melbourne Ghost Tour – 15/06/12



Over the Queens Birthday Long Weekend in June, Kewley headed down the blustery Victorian Coast to the tiny town of Princetown (near Port Campbell) to shoot the film HIS WILL.

Originally titled THE LITTLE TRIP, the film is directed by Helen McFarlane for 3Wise Media and concerns two estranged brothers (played by Peter Glennon and Miles Bence) who are informed by a lawyer (Carla Bonner) they must return to the family home and square things off with their recently deceased father’s estate, including scattering his ashes into the ocean, and taking a trip in his prized possession – a classic 1931 Ford Coupe.

The brothers must reunite for the road trip down the coast …. but they are in for a shock when they discover that maybe their prankster father (Kewley) isn’t as dead as they think, and maybe this trip is all part of one of his elaborate schemes!



June 2012  HOW TO BE GREAT          

Kewley continues his non-stop shooting of short films including GREATER [left], produced by Orsino Media for Youth Vision Victoria.

Written and directed by Ben Whimpey, Kewley plays the Coach of a Rugby Union team who delivers a powerful monologue to his young players.

GREATER was created specifically to screen at the Youth State Games as a motivational tool for young athletes.

See it here:

He also starred in the 16mm film O.C.D. about sufferers of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder for writer/director Melodie Shen from the Victorian College of the Arts; provided an American voice for the delightful Oran Franco film DUB MASTER about a famous French voice over artist (in Paris) who suddenly finds an American voice has been dubbed over his own; and played a cockney in LOCK & STOCK, a recreation of a classic scene from the 1998 British film LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, shot on 16mm film for Zeb Durrant at Swinburne University.


June 2012  SHEPHERD’S HILL screens in RUSSIA!

The 11 minute film SHEPHERD’S HILL produced by Kewley has been picked up for screening on cable television throughout Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, as well as the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Shot at an old film location property just outside of Kyneton, Victoria in 2010, the thriller stars Kewley alongside Andrew J Morley (“Lightning Point” and “Home & Away”) and was written and directed by Caydn Binns and Tim Maslen.

SHEPHERD’S HILL premiered at the 2011 St Kilda Film Festival and then screened at the 2011 Bloodfest Fantastique Film Festival in Melbourne where it was nominated for Best Film and Best Director, and Kewley was named Best Actor for his performance in the film.

The film’s Russian rights have been picked up by Moscow-based Egoist TV. You can watch the film here:


June 2012  THE BOAT screens in the United States

THE BOAT was selected for screening at the PARK CITY FILM MUSIC FESTIVAL in Utah on May 28th, and at the MANHATTAN FILM FESTIVAL in New York on June 26th 2012.

The 14 minute film starring Kewley and James Schaw was written by Peter Scheider, produced and directed by Somchay Phakonkham, and complemented with a very impressive score and sound design by Dmitri Golovko. 

Kewley is very proud of the film in which Finn (Schaw) attempts to reconstruct his fragmented relationship with his father, Walter (Kewley), on a fishing trip out on the bay. Father and son have become estranged over the years but when Finn’s life falls apart, he turns to Walter for guidance. Both men must overcome their troubled past in order to save their family and establish a future.



On (the very cold) night of Monday June 4th Kewley once again hosted A FISTFUL OF SCRIPTS at TheatreWorks in St Kilda.

This is the fourth season of FISTFUL play readings held at TheatreWorks in St Kilda, and the second time Kewley has been asked to MC the event.

The night’s programme featured two pieces – “HARVEST” written and directed by Sean McIntyre and read by John Flaus, and “THE LITTLE DENIALS OF RENEE & LAURA” written by Sean McIntyre, directed by Marco Romero Rodriguez and read by Sarah Plummer and Carly Shaw. Both plays were narrated by Rain Fuller.

After each reading, Kewley runs a short Q&A forum allowing the audience to participate by giving feedback directly to the performers, writers and directors. (Photograph by Jaklene Vukasinovic)




June 2012  PAPER BOY

Kewley appears in a television commercial titled PAPER BOY for job search engine SEEK.COM.AU.

The 30 second hypothetical spot was created by Swinburne media student Sean Lewis, Produced and Designed by Camille Lopez, with Cinematography by Bob Nguyen.

You can see it at:




Through his popular Wednesday “Trivia Challenge” segment on Melbourne’s #1 talk-back radio station 3AW, Kewley is being offered more and more Trivia Nights for various Melbourne Clubs, Associations and Organisations.

On Saturday June 2nd he wrote and hosted one of his JEREMY KEWLEY’S TRIVIA CHALLENGE nights for the Montrose Junior Football Club. During 2012 he will host similar events for the numerous groups including the Mentone Bowling Club and the East Brighton Football Club, as well as a night for the Department of Family & Community Services in Albury, NSW.




Sunday night, May 27th saw the Closing Night Awards Ceremony of the 27th annual ST KILDA FILM FESTIVAL,  Australia’s largest and most pre-eminent Short Film competitions (100 Australian-produced short films are screened each year, selected from over 700 films submitted).

Kewley, who has in past years been a judge at the festival, attended the ceremony, held at the St Kilda Town Hall.

A number of the films he appeared in over the last 18 months were screened at this years festival, including Jarrah Gurrie’s THESE EMPTY STREETS starring Libby TannerCraig Stott, Samuel Nicolausson-Soames, with Kewley and Tom Webb (right), which had its world premiere at the 2011 WARSAW INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL and also recently screened at the 22nd MELBOURNE QUEER FILM FESTIVAL and the NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL in California.

And AT THE FORMAL by Carlton filmmaker Andrew Kavanagh, a stunning film – with a shocking twist ending – that features one long steadicam shot and no dialogue.

AT THE FORMAL premiered in Australia at the 2011 SYDNEY FILM FESTIVAL where it was nominated for two Dendy Awards, and premiered internationally at the 2011 LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL in Switzerland. It has won numerous awards including 2011 Emerging Filmmaker at the MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 50th SHORTS AWARDS, and the Grand Prix (Best Short Film) at 2011 GIJON INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Spain.

In 2012 it has also screened in official competition at the 34th CLERMONT-FERRAND INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL in France, and at the 6th DALLAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

At St Kilda this year AT THE FORMAL was nominated for BEST EDITING, BEST DIRECTOR and BEST FILM, but unfortunately lost out in all categories to the West Australian film TRANSMISSION.

Watch the AT THE FORMAL trailer at:



On Saturday night, May 26th, Kewley was invited to host a special fundraising event for the AUSTRALIAN YOUTH BAND.

The band – made up of young musicians under the age of 25 – are about to embark on a tour of the Far East, and so Kewley put together a fun Trivia Night.

Held at the Parkhill Primary School in Ashwood, where the band rehearse, the night was a lot of fun … and a lot of money was raised.

The Australian Youth Band website is at





On Tuesday May 22nd and Wednesday May 23rd – the morning after he attended the Opening Night of the 29th Annual St Kilda Film Festival at Melbourne’s magnificent Palais Theatre – Kewley gave a talk at GORDON PLACE, about the history of the famous 1883 building in Melbourne’s Little Bourke Street.

QUEST APARTMENTS, who have recently taken over the lease on the Heritage Listed Building,  invited Kewley to give the talks based on his experience and knowledge gained from his work as a “History of Melbourne” Tour Guide with MELTOURS.

As the gathered crowds of QUEST management, TOURISM VICTORIA staff and travel industry heavy-hitters sipped on fine wines and nibbled finger food, Kewley regaled them with stories of the creation and building of Melbourne’s first-ever apartment block; its famous architect WILLIAM PITT; and the amazing philanthropist behind the original project GEORGE COPPIN. A thoroughly enjoyable and illuminating experience for all concerned.




Jeremy Kewley’s life is never dull  … on the night of Friday May 18th, Kewley dressed up as The Mad Hatter to MC a night of Burlesque at RED BENNIES in Chapel Street, Prahran in Melbourne.

The live show titled TEASE was produced by Melbourne’s famous HOUSE OF BURLESQUE and showcased a range of performers including the delightful  Minksy Malone and Ruby DeVille (left) along with Miss Lou Lou Belle and the exotic Fan Dancers

As MC, Kewley linked the various exotic performances with comedy, quotes and insights into the works of Lewis Carroll.

Playing to a wild and responsive crowd – who were literally packed to the rafters – the evening saw lots of tasteful ‘boobage’ featuring sequences including “The Tic Toc Queen of Hearts and her Ladies on Pointe” performing Jack Johnson’s “If I Had Eyes”; a warren of very sexy rabbits writhing to Jefferson Airplane’s 1967  hit “White Rabbit”; a bunch of Tom Waits numbers, and “The White Queen &  The Spirit of the Queen of Hearts” performing Christina Perry’s “Jar Of Hearts”.

The entertainment ended on a high with Ebony & Carly performing inside in giant – and full – glass of champagne.

It was certainly a night to remember!




May 2012  OATES TVC

On Monday May 14th, Kewley shot a television commercial for Oates Cleaning Products, playing the lead role/presenter, alongside the gorgeous Anna Burgess.

Titled VOTE OATES, the 30 second commercial was produced by Colour Me Films and directed by Emily Owens.

Shot on an Arri Alexa by Josh McIvor, the commercial also features a performance by Susie Kazda.


You can see the finished commercial here:




On Saturday May 12th 2012 Kewley starred alongside Kevin Summers, Nathan StraussShannon WoollardTim Ferris, Linden Compassi, Liz Kirk and Karla Silvey in a play reading of DEATH OF A COMEDIAN at the La Mama Theatre in Carlton.

Written by Fred Rowan and directed by Bruce Langdon, the play reading was held at 2pm at the theatre at 205 Faraday Street, Carlton.

Johnny Mazing was real big in Oz comedy in the 80s. A hilarious top ten single, a national TV show, loud shirts, Harbourside Sydney apartments … 25 years and millions of cocaine hits later, Johnny’s doing telemarketing for a living. Tonight, though, we watch Johnny’s chance at a comeback. Will Johnny be ‘big’ again?”

Kewley will return in DEATH OF A COMEDIAN when it opens for a full season at La Mama’s Court House Theatre in Carlton in November 2012.



On May 6th 2012 Kewley began shooting WHEEL, a sweet and gentle short film – based on a real incident – about a man in a wheelchair who asks a teenager he meets in the street to give him a push to the main road.

The boy agrees and as he pushes this unusual man to his supposed destination he gains an insight to the human condition.

Written and directed by two of Kewley’s former acting students, Harry Borland and Isaac Brown,  the two-hander features Kewley and young  Mitchell Hope. (Kewley and Hope last worked together on THE KEY TO CASTING in 2011. Like Borland and Brown, Hope is also one of Kewley’s acting students)

Shot on Stedicam by Glenn Clayton (“Beaconsfield”, “Kath & Kimderella”, “The Playbook”, “Blinder”), assisted by Rayner Cook (“Shortland Street”) , the film is produced by Hi Pictures in conjunction with





Some of the most bizarre things pop up on YouTube, both old and new.

Recently someone uploaded an entire episode of COP SHOP that Kewley appeared in back in 1987. Kewley was just 17 years old at the time episode #87 was shot for Crawford Productions and the Seven Network. (still frame at right). 

It’s at: (Kewley first appears at the 8 minutes and 6 seconds mark – 8:06)



April 2012  Kewley is NATURALLY SQUARE (apparently!)

Uploaded to YouTube in May (by RMIT) was a mock television commercial for NATURALLY SQUARE, a fictitious international spring water manufacturer.

Kewley plays Peter Brown, the CEO of NATURALLY SQUARE. You can see it at:

Also uploaded are a series of supposed “out takes” from the shoot, with Kewley (as CEO Peter Brown, son of the company’s founder) showing his true colours! Watch the outakes at: http://youtube/nDnSIu1Eov0




At the end of April 2012 Kewley headed up to a purpose-built western film town location to shoot COLD IN THE DESERT for director Guy Cleeve.

Co-starring Nicholas Gunn, Guy May and Gary Glenn, the American western was shot at the Kattemingga Ranch near Trentham, a location that was originally created for the Nine Network series Banjo Paterson’sThe Man From Snowy River and later redeveloped (with a more American look) for the 2011-2002 US cable television series Ponderosa. (Kewley shot at Katteminga on Snowy River back in the 1990s).

In the film Kewley rides into the town of Black Hills as Deputy Treadstone from Missioula, Montana … and he’s not leaving without wanted man Robert Waters – dead or alive!









Another 4 Reels have been uploaded to both YouTube and These reels add to the collection of almost 30 that already exist (Drama, Comedy, Hosting, Commercials, American, Game Shows, Accents and so on) on those sites.

The new Reels are Jeremy Kewley – Drama Reel (Part 5), Jeremy Kewley – Drama Reel (Part 6), Jeremy Kewley – Comedy Reel (Part 5) and the Jeremy Kewley Goof Reel. Once again, all these Reels have been edited by Jonathan Burton.

All of the Reels can also be viewed via links on this website (on the REELS PAGE).

Also added at was IMAGE IS EVERYTHING (left), the 11 minute film directed by Kewley for the Celebrity Film Makers Challenge at the 2003 Shoot Out 24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge in Newcastle, NSW. It features Kewley alongside Rupert Reid, Clayton Watson and Channel Nine’s Richard Wilkins, and young actors from Newcastle.





Kewley donned a Victoria Police uniform (again) on Monday April 23rd for a Victorian College of the Arts film titled BEAT.

Shot by Melodie Shen on 16mm, the short film was written and directed by Stacey Quine, and stars Kewley opposite newcomer Lucas Linehan, a terrific young actor who took part in Kewley’s Acting Essentials course earlier in 2012.

Waiting for the ‘clean up crew’ at the site of a late night stabbing, a world-weary cop – a few weeks from retirement –  delivers a few home truths about the reality of life on the ‘beat’ to a fresh young Constable.  Short and powerful, the film packs a punch, where it hurts.



On April 6th – Good Friday – 2012, Kewley will again be the audience warm-up comedian for Channel Seven’s annual Melbourne televised event – THE 81st GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL. For the fifth consecutive year he will entertain the large audience for the duration of the four-and-a-half night time show (7.30pm – Midnight), broadcast live from Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium.  The Appeal raises funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

And this year he also stars in Channel Seven’s Easter television special – AN INNOCENT MAN?

The 30 minute television drama will screen on the Seven Network around the country on Good Friday. Starring Kewley as John Caiaphas (the Leader of the Opposition) and Paul Dawber as Pontius Pilate,  it is a modern re-telling of the trial and crucifixion of Jesus.  It airs around Australia (except for Melbourne) at 3.oopm on Good Friday. In Melbourne it airs directly after the conclusion of the Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal (after midnight).

Produced by Phil Smith (from ACM Inc) and directed by Ben Whimpey (from Orsino Media) AN INNOCENT MAN? also stars Marnie Gibson, Janet Watson-Kruse and Robert Plazek. It was shot on location in Melbourne, including the interior of the historic Victorian Parliament House and the Old Magistrates Court.

And, on Good Friday, he also stars in episode two of the new series of  PRANK PATROL on ABC3.

The episode, entitled ICE CREAM FRENZY, airs across Australia at 5.30pm on Good Friday (with a repeat screening on ABC3 on Easter Sunday at 11.00am).

The shoot reunited Kewley with fellow performers James Liotta (in white t-shirt) and Soren Jensen, with host Scott Tweedie (extreme right of photo).





On Saturday March 31st 2012 Kewley headed up to the small town of Omeo (at the foot of Mt Hotham and Dinner Plain) to host the OMEO TRIVIA CHALLENGE.

Held at the classic Hilltop Hotel (built in 1938 – pictured), the night was held to raise funds for local Tahnee Orchard who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease.

This follows on from the success of Kewley’s seventh annual MITTA MITTA TRIVIA CHALLENGE in the town of Mitta Mitta (108 km north of Omeo) held every January. He will also host a Trivia Challenge in the township of Dartmouth in July 2012.



March 2012  10 TERRORISTS!

Kewley appears in the new Australian motion picture 10 TERRORISTS! which premiered on March 29th 2012 at the Greater Union City Cinema Complex on Russell Street, as part of the 2012 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Kewley hosted the Red Carpet premiere event – in character – as American terrorism expert “Professor Western-Smith(pictured).

The film also features Richard Cawthorne (2012 AACTA award-winner for Best Supporting Actor for “Killing Time”),Kate Kendall (“Stingers”, “Conspiracy 365”), Francis Greenslade, Melissa Berglund (“Winner & Losers”), Matt Hetherington, Aljin Abella and Jasper Bagg

10 TERRORISTS! is directed by Dee McLachlan, the award-winning director of “The Jammed” (2007) and “The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo” (1997).

10 TERRORISTS! officially opened for a five-week run at the Melbourne Greater Union Russel Street Cinema Complex on March 30th 2012. (









March 2012  MARNGROOK RETURNS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

On March 22nd 2012 Kewley returned for his second year as the audience warm-up comedian on the MARNGROOK FOOTY SHOW.

In addition to his role as audience warm-up comedian, this year he is also the ‘voice’ of the show, providing a live opening introduction each week.

The AFL panel show – with an indigenous flavour – is broadcast from Studio 31 at the ABC-TV complex in Elsternwick in Melbourne, and airs live across Australia on ABC 2 every Thursday night at 8.30pm.






Kewley headed to the tiny North-Eastern Victorian town of Mitta Mitta on the 2012 Labour Day Long Weekend (March 10-12) to attend the annual Muster – the town’s biggest annual event – and to host the first annual Mighty Mitta Music Muster on the banks of the Snowy Creek.

He will also take part in the annual Wombat Gully Music Awards while he is there. (




As well as taking guided history tours of the west side of Melbourne’s CBD for MELTours, Kewley has now started taking groups of people on guided walking tours of the historic parts of the EAST side of the city for MELTours.

Departing from Federation Square, the fascinating 2 hour walk takes in famous places, sites and stories from Marvellous Melbourne’s past, including the T & G Building, Parliament House, The Forum, Mayfair & Princess Theatres, the Melbourne Club, Pellegrinis, Narau House, The Old Treasury Building, The Hotel Windsor and much more.

Sharing his love and fascination with his city, Kewley explains the European settlement of Melbourne in the 183os; how the city got its name; the creation of the ‘Hoddle Grid’ and so on. Travel up Flinders Street, along the tree-lined ‘Paris End’ of Collins Street, into regal Spring Street, down Little Bourke Street … and explore the nefarious laneways in between!

For more information visit




March 2012  JUST THE WAY IT IS

Thursday March 8th 2012 saw the premiere screening of the Melbourne-shot indie feature JUST THE WAY IT IS at the Palace Como Cinemas in South Yarra. Written and Directed by Rod Alday of DelaFilms, JUST THE WAY IT IS stars Tass Traikos, Thomas Kay, Tom Peprakos, Kahli Williams, Suzy Kazda, Kate Lister, Emma Carter, Michael Edward Williams and Dean Kirkright, and features Kewley as a ‘guest star’ in a one scene cameo as ‘The ‘Homeless Man’ who delivers a touching monologue to Danny (played by Thomas Kay) at a crucial moment in the film.



On Wednesday February 29th and Thursday March 1st 2012 Kewley was a celebrity guest judge, along with film producer and agent Daniel Scharf (“Romper Stomper”), at the 10th annual ANGRY FILM FESTIVAL.

Held at Revolt in Kensington, the first night featured a range of short films from Europe. The second featured Australian shorts.

For Best Film, the judges chose the very impressive THE TELEGRAM MAN, the debut film of James Francis Khehtie, starring Jack Thompson, Gary Sweet and Sigrid Thornton. ( (





February 2012  ELLEN BURSTYN

On Wednesday February 22nd 2012 Kewley attended AN EVENING WITH ELLEN BURSTYN. The special one-off event was presented by 16th Street and Showcast at the Palace Como Cinemas in South Yarra, and hosted by Noni Hazelhurst.

The chance to hear the Oscar-winning actress speak about her experiences in the entertainment industry attracted a number well-known Melbourne performers including Geoffrey Rush, Kerry Armstrong, Alan Fletcher, Todd Lasance and Sigrid Thornton.  A fascinating and illuminating night.


February 2012  THE BOAT

Kewley’s latest (very impressive) short film titled THE BOAT had it’s world premiere screening at the ACMI cinemas at Federation Square in Melbourne on February 18th 2012.

The two-hander (drama) from Reinvent Films stars Kewley alongside New Zealand actor James Schaw (playing father and son).

Directed by Laos film-maker Somchay Phakonkham[pictured bottom right] from a script by Peter Scheider, the film was shot on location in the chilly waters of Port Philip Bay past Geelong.

The Cinematographer was Aaron Furrugia (“Winners & Losers”, “Underbelly Files”, “I Frankenstein”) and the score was composed by the talented Dmitri Golovko (“Red Hill”) who also designed the sound.


February 2012  LOOP GROUP – CONSPIRACY 365

Once again, Kewley was in the recording studio performing ‘Loop Group’ duties, this time on the new Australian Family Movie Channel series CONSPIRACY 365.

‘Loop Group’ in the practice of actors recording (or re-recording) assorted voices, both background and foreground, into the final mix of a film or television series soundtrack, well after the project has completed principal photography.

In this case, it involved providing additional voices of a number of police officers involved in a complex – and exciting – chase sequence.

CONSPIRACY 365 is a 12-part cable series produced by Circa Entertainment that stars Harrison Gilbertson, and also features Kewley’s good friends Andrew Curry and Aaron Jakubenko.




On January 31st 2012 Kewley attended the SamsungAACTA Awards (formerly known as the AFI Awards) at the Sydney Opera House, along with his good friend Janet Watson-Kruse.

He had been submitted for a nomination for the Best Actor award for his performance in the 2011 Nine Network telemovie UNDERBELLY FILES: TELL THEM LUCIFER WAS HERE but missed out on making the cut of four final nominations. (The award went to his friend Richard Cawthorne for his work on the Foxtel series “Killing Time”)

But it was nice to be invited and catch up with old friends and colleagues including Geoffrey Rush, Shane JacobsonSusie Porter, Gary Sweet, Fred Schepisi, Todd Lasance, Vince Colosimo, Jeffrey Walker, Andy Minh Trieu and many others.


January 2012  AUSTRALIA DAY 2012

For the 11th consecutive year Kewley was an Australia Day Ambassador.

On January 26th he was the guest of honour in the town of Glen Innes in the ‘Celtic Country’ region of rural New South Wales.

He cut the Australia Day Cake with the 2012 Glen Innes-Severn Shire Young Citizen of the year Will Geach, and Jess Walmsley, daughter of the 2012 Citizen of the Year Bill Walmsley.



January 2012  ANIMALS

In mid-January 2012 Kewley began shooting the independent feature film ANIMALS.

The action/thriller also stars Sweeney Young (“Neighbours”, “Terra Nova”), Melissa Howard (“Dead Gorgeous”, “Rush”, “Underbelly Files: Infiltration”), David Lamb (“The Bazura Project”), along with Kevin Summers (“Phoenix”, “Neighbours”), Scott Brennan (“SKIThouse”, “Comedy Inc”) and veteran Australian actor Reg Gorman.

The film is directed by Edward Drake and produced by Joel Mitchell from Film D’Media.

Director of Photography is Timothy Ratcliffe.


Once again Kewley is working with legendary armourer John Fox on this picture.







January 2012  GOLD DIGGERS

In January, Kewley completed work on the film GOLD DIGGERS which he began shooting late in 2011.

He plays the lead role of a miner who is trapped down a collapsed mine in the film which also features actors James Adler, Rick James, Cas Yates and Carolyn Masson.

Directed by Al Mehicevic and produced by Jen Farrow, it will be released later in 2012.





For Christmas Day, Kewley shaved off his ‘trademark’ moustache.

But by mid-January the facial growth was back … first as a beard then, after the urging by his friends and family, back to a ‘tash again!

What do you prefer?

While he still had the beard, he did a favour for young Melbourne film-maker Rod Alday (from DelaFilms) and, on the evening of January 21st 2012, shot a one-scene cameo for his indie feature JUST THE WAY IT IS playing a homeless man who gives the film’s young male lead character (played by Thomas Kay) some poignant and timely advice about love and loss in a nicely written monologue.



December 2011  PRANK PATROL

On December 1st 2011 Kewley took part in the popular ABC-3 series PRANK PATROL.

The episode reunited Kewley with fellow performers James Liotta (in white t-shirt) and Soren Jensen, with host Scott Tweedie (extreme right of photo).

In this episode Kewley plays ‘Marty The Ice Cream Man’ with young Louisa Bland as the ‘Prankster’.

PRANK PATROL Series 3 will air on ABC 3 in April 2012.






On Saturday November 19th 2011 Kewley was asked to host the first ever BAY STREET TRADERS FAIR.

As Bay Street in Brighton is his local shopping centre, and he knows many of the traders personally, it was a logical fit and he enjoyed hostng various events throughout the day, despite the rather miserable weather.

The Traders put on a great display and a good number of local citizens filled the street.  It is hoped the festival will continue and grow over the years to come.

Thanks to Paul Spano from Video Ezy for organising the big day!



November 2011  MONSTER PIES                                                                     

In November and December 2011 Kewley shot a role in the independent feature filmMONSTER PIES.

The film is written and directed by indie filmmaker Lee Galea (“Less Adolescent”) and stars Lucas Linehan and Brisbane actor Tristan Barr, along with Scott Brennan.

It tells the story of two teenage boys (Linehan as ‘William’ and Barr as ‘Mike’) who are ‘coming out’. Kewley plays Patrick Devenish, Mike’s understanding father.

It should be ready for release late in 2012.



October 2011  MELTours

On October 14 2011, Kewley commenced taking daytime “History” tours through the streets and laneways of his home town of Melbourne for a new company called MELTours. (

Kewley has always had a great love of ‘Marvellous Melbourne’ and its history, and genuinely enjoys guiding the tours every few weeks, walking around both sides of Melbourne – City West and City East – and passing on his knowledge of the town.


October 2011  NICE ONE!                                                                     

In October 2011 Kewley was offered a cameo on Myf Warhurst’s new ABC-TV comedy series NICE.

In a flashback to the 1970’s, Kewley plays the role of Mervyn J Dean, the photographer in the Western Victorian country town of Donald, who took ‘an infamous’ photograph of the Warhurst family in 1977.

Shot on October 4th 2011, the series will air on ABC 1 in June 2012.





On September 29th 2011 Kewley once again paired up with Michael Pope to ‘warm up’ the 15,000-strong crowd at Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena for the annual FOOTY SHOW GRAND FINAL spectacular. 

Keeping the huge audience entertained throughout all the commercial breaks during the (almost) 3 hour live broadcast has been something that Kewley has done since the first-ever Grand Final Show at the same venue since the mid 1990s. The evenings entertainment included all the usual features, plus specual guest performances from Simple Plan, Eskimo Joe, Vanessa Amorosi, The Living End and Shannon Noll.



August 2011  OLD MELBOURNE GHOST TOURS                                                                          

On the night of Friday August 5th 2011, Kewley began taking groups of people on walking tours of Melbourne for LANTERN GHOST TOURS.

Taking a look at some of the more infamous (and grisly) moments and places in Melbourne’s colourful history, the 2 hour tour takes in Parliament House, The Princess Theatre, Chinatown, Flinders Street Station and many dark and foreboding little laneways.

He will continue to lead the tours on selected Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for the rest of 2011 and into 2012.




July 2011  MARNGROOK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

On Thursday July 14th 2011 Kewley began warming up the studio audience of the ABC 2 weekly series THE MARNGROOK FOOTY SHOW.

It goes out live at 7.30pm every Thursday from the old ABC-TV studios in Elsternwick.

THE MARNGROOK FOOTY SHOW features AFL interviews, weekly tips, and live music performances, as well as including local stories from around the country featuring indigenous footballers talking about their backgrounds, origin clubs and towns, heritage and current affairs.

“Marn Grook” literally means “Game Ball”. (




July 2011  3AW- MELBOURNE’S #1 TALK RADIO  STATION                                                     

On July 6th 2011 Kewley’s regular “Trivia With Jeremy Kewley” segment on Radio 3AW moved from its Monday spot to the new weekly slot of Wednesdays at 12.30pm. 

Kewley has been writing and hosting the popular segment on “Afternoons With Denis Walter” for the last couple of years. It is Melbourne’s #1 rating afternoon talk radio show, and Kewley is delighted to be continuing his association with Denis Walter(with Kewley at right) and the team at 3AW in the new timeslot.





June 2011  BEST ACTOR AWARD                                                                                                                                                                                                  

On Sunday June 18th 2011 Jeremy Kewley was named Best Actor at the Bloodfest Fantastique Fim Festival in Melbourne for his performance in the short film SHEPHERD’S HILL.

This follows the successful screening of the film at the St Kilda Film Festival a few weeks earlier.

SHEPHERD’S HILL was also nominated for Best Film and Best Director. Kewley produced the film in which he starred opposite Andrew J Morley. Kewley and Morley had previously worked on the film ICE together. Morley now stars in the 2012 Nickelodeon series LIGHTNING POINT.  (



May 2011 FRANK & JERRY film premiere                                                                              

On Saturday May 28th 2011, the motion picture FRANK & JERRY starring Jeremy Kewley had its world premiere at the DUNGOG FILM FESTIVAL in NSW Australia.

Kewley attended the screening with fellow cast members Benedict Hardie (‘Frank’) and Curt Skinner (‘Walt’) and the films writer/director Nick McGee.

To watch the trailer and clips from the film go to:

Filmink Magazine said:

“Fresh, fun and laugh out loud hilarious, Frank & Jerry is a rare Australian gem. Part-buddy film, part-social commentary, it’s a film that delivers the unexpected to create a uniquely entertaining movie experience.”




April 2011 BETWEEN THE LINES                                                                                                                                                                   

In late April 2011 Kewley began working as the Audience Warm-Up Comedian on the new Nine Network series BETWEEN THE LINES, hosted by Eddie McGuire.

Shot at on Sound Stage 4 at Melbourne’s Docklands Studios, the weekly one hour series premieres on Channel Nine on Thursday May 12th 2011 at 8.30pm and features Mick Molloy and Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald.

Update: BETWEEN THE LINES was axed by the Nine Network just four weeks after it went to air. Bugger!


May 2011 SON OF DAVID                                                                                                                                                                                           

Between May April 29th and May 8th 2011, Kewley shot the film SON OF DAVID on location in Melbourne and on the Great Ocean Road and the Victorian coastal town of Port Campbell.

Jeremy plays ‘David’ who is taking a road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide with his son Michael (Chris Pask) and another young man called Alex (Tavis Urquhart) who – unbeknownst to Michael – is also David’s son, from a previous relationship.

The film, daringly shot on Super 8mm, was written and directed by Jake Houston.





April 2011 GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL                                                                              

On April 22nd 2011, for the fourth year in a row, Kewley was part of Channel 7’s GOOD FRIDAY APPEAL, ‘warming-up’ the large audience for the duration of the four-and-a-half night time show (7.30pm – Midnight), broadcast live from Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium. The Appeal raises funds for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

This year, the 80th year of the event, Victorians cracked the fifteen million dollar mark, donating a record breaking $15,165,000!



April 2011  MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL                                                     

Kewley stars in  IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES (UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT) opening at the 25th Melbourne International Comedy Festival on Wednesday March 30th 2011 and running through to mid-April at the Northcote Town Hall (Studio 2) 189 High Street, Northcote.

This new Australian play features Jeremy along with seven other talented actors.


“Birthdays are meant to be fun. So are gorilla grams. But when one company’s poor taste is mixed with a couple of incompetent cops, fun is the last thing Ren’s having on his big day”.

This one-act farce is the third play written by Melbourne playwright Charlie Ranger, the founder of Long Range Theatre.  Utilising the talents of Jeremy Kewley (Underbelly Files, Stingers) and Madeleine Harding (I Love You Too), IT’S ALL FUN AND GAMES (UNTIL SOMEONE GETS HURT) offers refreshingly original comedy on stage.

If you’re someone who enjoys the ridiculous, possibly doesn’t know what the hell a gorilla gram is or maybe someone who just wants to support local artists, then this is a show you cannot afford to miss.

Of course if you’re none of these things, the same still applies! It plays nightly (no Mondays) at 7pm .



April 2011  THE 500TH FOOTY SHOW                                                                                                     

Since it began  in 1994, Kewley has been the “audience warm-up comedian” for GTV 9’s popular Thursday night live television series THE FOOTY SHOW.

And on Thursday April 7th 2011 he was there again – now based at Docklands Studios Sound Stage 4 – to rev up the crowd for THE FOOTY SHOW ‘s 500th episode. An amazing achievement for all involved!