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ETK - still 1During September, Kewley has been shooting the indie feature film EXPERIENCE THE KNOWING.ETK - still 4

Written by Eris Bel, Michael Maz, Tony Bryant, Vince Serra, Vince Emil and Peter Stefanidis, shot by cinematographer Joel Mielle and directed by Italian Simone Albano.

When Daley (Dean Kirkright), a young executive suffering from depression, witnesses the unveiling of his deceased mother’s painting, his life spirals downward and he commits suicide. His death catapults him into a journey through the afterlife and into the darkest recesses of his own mind.

Kewley plays Gerry, Daley’s business partner and Rain Fuller plays Daley’s wife Sara.

ETK - still 6

EXPERIENCE THE KNOWING also stars Chris Farell as Daley’s brother Leonard, along with David Macrae, Carolyn Masson, Lauren Bailey, Mick Preston, Tom McCathie and Bailey Barbour as the younger version of Leonard and Jamie Tax as the younger version of Daley.